Buying or selling a property is an important transaction. Just as
important is making sure that the Contract you have signed or executed legally
protects your interest.

With respect to Leasing, it is critical that the contractual terms and conditions are
properly drafted and reflect the agreements reached between the parties. It is
important that parties understand their position at law and make sure that the lease
agreement reflects this.

Angelo can assist you with all your Property needs including:

  • Conveyancing (acquisitions and sales)
  • Leasing (commercial and retail)
  • Development Agreements
  • Building Contracts
  • Architect Agreements
  • Zoning and Planning Advice
  • Banking and Finance (Loan Agreements, Mortgages, Mortgage Debenture Charge, Guarantor and Guarantee advice)
  • Retail Leasing Act advice
  • Disclosure statements and lease terms
  • Shopping Centre Leasing (Lessor and Lessee)
  • Liquor Licensing & Gaming


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